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Arcade games were released in every genre: platform games, fighting games, sport games, and action games. Even though these games were released in an era when technology was not highly advanced, arcade games still proved to be a huge success. These games set the foundation for games in the future.

Gondomania™ is a top down shooter Arcade game released in 1987. This game features a unique gameplay in which you have to control airbikes to fight the enemy. The enemies, called Gondos, have kidnapped your women and held them as captives on the planet of Thorns. The objective of the game is to fight the enemies and rescue them.

The Gameplay

The gameplay involves the player assuming the role of soldiers invading enemy territory on fast-moving airbikes. Throwing various bladed weapons and upgrading to projectiles, players go on a rampage against a wide range of defenders. The airbike flies straight up, toward the top of the screen. You can move it forward and backward along that path. You shimmy side-to-side, but you always fly toward the top of the screen.

Gondomania provides you with two firing options. One option allows the player to fire weapons straight ahead. The second button allows the player to fire in any direction that the character’s arm is pointing. Your warrior can wield multiple weapons at once. As you kill enemies, you can pick up new weapons, but your ammunition is limited. The window in the top left corner of the screen displays how many more shots you have with each weapon.


When the player flies the airbikes over weapon power-ups, the bike will automatically discard the weaker weapon. The player has one weapon with endless ammunition—daggers. When a player runs out of other weapons, the airbike will automatically switch to throwing daggers.

Difficulty Levels

Gondomania™ has nine stages with an especially powerful boss creature at the end of each level. The player has to defeat each boss to progress further.

Interface and Controls

Use the arrow buttons to move the airbikes and a control button to shoot at the enemies.

Gondomania™ has all the elements of a perfect action game. It can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an action-packed game.