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Do you remember those simple arcade games in which you just had to use one control button to play the whole game? Even though games nowadays are creative, they are complex and are not addictive like those arcade games of old.

Asteroids® was a classic arcade game released in the 80’s.  After its success, it was followed by a sequel called Asteroids Deluxe®. This game featured the same classic game play as the original but with additional features.

The Gameplay

The original gameplay involved controlling a spaceship and maneuvering through space in order to avoid hitting asteroids and flying saucers.

This sequel featured a new hexagon shaped enemy. Known by names such as “Killer Saucer” or “Snowflake”, this enemy would appear on the screen towards the end of a round when few asteroids were left and slowly home in on your position. Shooting it would cause it to break up into three diamond shapes that pursued your ship a little more quickly. Hitting each of the diamonds causes them to break up into two wedges which chased your ship the fastest.


The spaceship you are controlling features a new ability—a shield. The shield has a duration of approximately 12 seconds per ship, and can not be replenished. When you are hit with the shield activated, the momentum of the asteroid is transferred to your ship and you are sent flying away.

To destroy the hexagon shaped enemy you have to keep attacking and hitting the diamonds. Ultimately to destroy this enemy, you have to destroy six of these wedges.

Difficulty Levels

You have to destroy the hexagon shaped enemy to move onto the next round. The number of asteroids increases each round up to a maximum of 12. The game is over when the player has lost all of his/her lives.

Interface and Controls

Asteroids Deluxe has the easiest interface and controls. Just use the cursor keys to move the ship and a control button, e.g. a spacebar, to hit the targets.

Asteroids Deluxe® was one of the first sequels in gaming history. Unlike so many other games that lazily rehash the same formula, this title strove to improve upon the original in every aspect.

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